Batumi — the personification of modern Georgia

City and port in Georgia, on the Black Sea coast and capital of Adjara main tourist center of modern Georgia. Today Batumi is a major cultural, economic and tourist center of Georgia. It is famous for the historical city center and tourist area with modern skyscrapers.

The city is located on the Black Sea coast, on lowlands Kahaberskoy, 2-3 meters from the sea level. Lowland form resembles a crescent, which stretches for 7 km from north to west. The main part is adjacent to Batumi Batumi Bay, in the northern part Kahabrskoy lowlands, along rivers and Bartskhana Korolistskali.

The total area of the city is 65 km² (until 2012 - 19 km²).

65 km2 The city's total area
8 km Length of the Waterfront
1881 Boulevard founding year
140 National dishes